Jinzhou Investment Casting Foundry

Various Casting techniques

Using different casting techniques, Jinzhou produces precision castings according to customer’s drawing. For serial production we use the following casting techniques:

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Lost wax method: suitable for small series with heavier and complex shapes.
Shell molding: molding process using resin covered sand to form the mould. Suitable for large series.
Rapid prototyping: a fast way to develop prototypes, using 3D printing techniques. We mainly use this casting technique for small series or to produce samples very quickly.
Precision casting: smaller steel castings with very tight tolerances.
Compound technology: by using the first coating layers to produce the shells which are also used for precision castings, we can get a good surface quality. This technique is much more cost efficient than for precision castings, while we can achieve almost the same dimensional tolerances.
Reverse engineering: suitable for making castings from an existing product, such as welded parts. This results in cost reduction.

Shell moulding shell

Shell moulding


We produce castings in rough condition, pre-processed and completely machined. If necessary, we assemble the castings with other parts.


  • carbon steel grades
  • medium and high-alloy steel grades

Heat treatments

  • normalizing
  • quenching and tempering

Surface finish

  • painting
  • galvanizing
  • chrome plating and other plating
  • powder coating
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Serial production

Producing large series of castings is a specialty of Jinzhou. We monitor this production process with the latest ERP software. Thanks to this automation, we keep the lines of communication with our factory in China as short as possible.

More about casting techniques

Interested which steel casting is most suitable for your needs?


Jinzhou produces custom castings according to your drawing. For example, castings are often cheaper than parts welded together. Whenever necessary, we advise you to achieve the desired result together. This is often the start of a long-term relationship that we are happy to build with you.

From drawing to casting

After receiving a drawing, we make a suitable, competitive offer. Because our office is located in Amersfoort in the Netherlands, we can personally visit you to explain the quotation. If you place an order, we will produce a few samples or a small pre-serie, for quality control. We make patterns using CNC software. Thanks to direct contact with our factory, we deliver the first samples within 8 weeks and for Rapid Prototyping within 4 weeks. After approval of these samples, serial production of your quality castings begins. We use different casting techniques for this.

Why Jinzhou?

  • Custom-made castings according to customer’s drawing
  • Casting techniques tailored to your demand
  • Samples delivered on site within 8 weeks
  • Sustainable logistics and stock management

For whom? We are active in the following industries:

  • Civil engineering
  • Automotive
  • Machine technology
  • Ship-building
  • Fluid handling and construction
  • Chemical industry